I’ve made that Swedish gärdsgård type fence for Vue, and I’ve been playing with different variants and methods to make a good looking but still fast and low resource hungry moss.

So, I’ve tried using modified vegetations and I’ve tried to use very simple crosses made of polygons, but vegetations are hard as if you want to sell your item the user need to have the base vegetation. Also, vegetations are quite polygon heavy, even a simple moss structure was around 15k polygons.

On the other hand, a straight cross I quickly made was to simple and the look was not as smooth as moss, so I decided to go another way and make better objects.

So, Cheetah3D time again. First, we create a cylinder, setting the sides to only six and the sections to 16.

Now we use the Taper tool in each end.

We now use the Bend tool to bend it 45 degrees.

using some copy & paste to duplicate the objects and rotate each in a different way, we get this interesting object.

And we toss around a little more and make a flatter version.

We import to Vue, set some material to them and make an EcoSystem material with them and populate on a part of my fence.

I think I’m onto something here, this is looking much better than my other low polygon example, and it is using just a fraction of the polygon count that using vegetation gave me. These are about 2k polygons.

So, stay tuned as I will evolve this even more.




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