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Ys, I’m alive, but I’ve been rather busy with so much that I haven’t had the time to post here, and most things haven’t been of interest for most of you anyway. But this time I have something useful. (I know PB will snag and show some funny new uses of it on the DJ forum).

I’ve been inspired (thanks to the kind person who donated) to continue The Heart Of Gods series for DnD. It’s been a while since I made any DnD adventures and I felt it will be fun again to make some map making stuff. I’ve spend most of the time making things in 3D for handouts and that is not so fun to watch. Although I’m planning to make some screen video recordings of how I work in Dundjinni and OmniGraffle to make maps, as soon as I have the time to record it.

OK, back to tankards of mead. First, I rendered out some nice tankards I have, I rendered them using Poser this time.

These are two of the three base tankards I decided to fill with mead. But I decided to take a short cut and not actually put the mead inside the cups before rendering, but afterwards. I now used one of my FilterForge filters that I made to make foamy waters with and changed the water color to a mead like color. Here are three of the transparent mead overlays I rendered.

Now its time to put the things together, using OmniGraffle. First, I made a shadow overlay for the tankards using OmniGraffle and radial fill.


Now I just place the mead in a circle and the shadow overlay on top. Here are four of the different mead and tankard combinations I made.

I think they really do look like tankards of mead or ale. But what did I need them for? To do what I intended to use these cups for, I rendered some coin piles with one of my other filters using FilterForge.

I now used some of my older tavern tables and tavern stools to make the final assembly in OmniGraffle, this is the result.

Here it is, a table with coins and cups of mead, ready for your bandits or guards to be distracted by when your brave adventures charge.

I hope you enjoyed it.









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