The Grey River bridge is coming along nicely, I really think this one is a great little project. Last time we made some windows.


And we jump back into Cheetah3D to continue by putting the windows in place.



But we’re still lacking a few things. We create a Box and stretch it, this will be our chimney. We created a door the same way we created windows but that was just too repetitive to show you.

And where do you think we can find a suitable chimney texture? We go browsing at again.

I then run a FilterForge filter in that texture to make it blackened and look like a worn chimney, for the inside and top.

Here it is in place.

Now, we also need the Grey River itself, so I start GeoControl2 to fiddle little with a coast line.

And this is the coast line i 3D view

Now everything is exported and imported into Vue 9 to make this scene.

(Click for a larger image)

There are a few things that I missed and I think of making a blooper reel post when I’ve sorted all the mistakes out.

I hope you like it!






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