I need some worn prison wall mounted benches for the upcoming adventure Heart Of The Gods – Part III and I didn’t have any, and I might need it both for top down map views, but also for a 3D handout view.

So, back into Cheetah3D again, not that dusty anymore, feels good to create some 3D again. We start out with a Box.

We then shape it by stretching it then set a 5x10x10 sub division before turning it from primitive to polygon object.

Now, we need texture, because I have an idea, so I download a wood texture from CGTexture.com and then tile it myself in ImageSynth. Here is the texture map.

And here is a bump map generated with a FilterForge filter.

This will give out bench a battered look. I also first played with a wood end texture, which you will see but as I later on removed it I ignored the fact that someone might have appreciated that I posted it here too. Here is the material applied to out sketched box.

Doing a Catmull-Clark subdivision and then some Magnet tool distortion, we got this result. Still, then wood end is there.

But how will this be wall mounted? With chains of course. So we create a Torus ring like this.

Then we select half of the polygons, Copy them, then delete them and Paste, so we got a group of polygons not attached to the other half that we can move, and we do just that, move them away.

Now we repair the model by adding the missing polygons, and look, a perfect chain link this time.

We copy it, move and rotate to build is a chain.

And then duplicate this one too.

And here is how it look after the first day of work.

So, this looks promising don’t you think?



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