We’re still making this prison cell bench using Cheetah3D, and we’re getting somewhere I think. This object should not only look good in 2D but in 3D too.

First, we create another six sided Cylinder, and then we just grab the center point on one side and pull that out, and we get a bolt head. We place three of those on the iron bracket we created yesterday.

Now, this is how it look, and it is by now I realize that the end wood look really bad.

So, how will I solve that? The problem is mostly UV mapping and the fact that the end wood looks much different i color, and as the edge is soft it will look ugly. As I wrote before, I learned a lot about UV-mapping from Jack Tomalin. Among these things were the use of not only a checkered UV map pattern but a numbered pattern, which will ensure that the UVs are  rotated in the right direction and the match is really in the right spot. I still have some severe problems doing UV-mapping but this was a huge help. Here is my version of Jack’s UV helping texture.


Now, applying this texture I got this result, as you can see epic fail on the edges.

Now, some hard core UV mapping, this is the edge before I mapped it.

And this is the after picture, just like any diet pill commercial.

Now I decide to use the same texture all over, and drop the wood end. You can see that it now look better. The stretch is because the texture looked better when stretched, might be that I should make it rectangular and not square in ImageSynth, I will try to remember that till next time.


And here it is, mounted on a prison wall somewhere.

I learned a lot doing this and I hope you did the same.


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