I know, I’ve been silence, been really busy with my big adventure book for Operation: Fallen Reich, rendering character handout pictures. While doing that I stumbled upon a problem and found a solution, and that is todays topic.

Sometimes you want to use a piece of 3D clothing for a scene that doesn’t work i DAZ studio, mostly because it requires the Poser Clothing room to properly conform to the figure. In this case it was the Zoot Suit, I needed it for an uptown rich NPC but the rest of the scene was already setup in DAZ Studio 4.5, and I am as comfortable with Poser as I would be dancing naked in a minefield. I tried, how would it look in DAZ Studio (the read me clearly states no DAZ Studio support), and the result was less than encouraging.



OK, what now? Then the small horns in my forehead grew, maybe I could fix this in Poser, so I launched Poser 9, and loaded up M4.




Then I loaded the Zoot suit jacket into the scene., as you can see it loads the same way as in DAZ Studio.



Now I conformed it to M4,


much better.



Then I removed M4 from the scene, leaving just the Zoot suit jacket.



Now I just saved it to the same folder using the Poser built in save (just click the +).

I opened the original thumbnail and edited it and saved it as a thumb for the newly exported fixed zoot suit.


Now I refreshed the DAZ Studio content browser, and there it was.



I removed the old one from M4 and loaded up the fixed version.



Hid the movers (they don’t work in DAZ Studio anyway, gave M4 a better texture and share, and added a smoothing modifier to the zoot suit jacket.

Added a simple light set and made a quick render, looking good!



So, mission completed, I can continue with my hand out scene, and I hope some of you learned something. I did, I have some clothings, specially some German uniforms that are Poser only, they are next in like for conversion…

I got a tip from another user that some items, like the zoot suite jacket can be fixed in another way, all in DAZ Studio. So, I’m now gonna try to put teh zoot suite on Genesis directly using that technique, thanks to Kim.



First we load and Autofit the pants as usual, works as expected. Then we load the jacket, but do not fit it to Genesis.



Now the trick, we use any reset pose for M4 and apply that to the jacket, then we can Autofit the jacket.


And look, it did work!








  1. Tony on 01.07.2015

    Thanks for assembling this simple tutorials! How can you convert poser dynamic clothing (for Michael 4 only) to DAZ 3D? Unfortunately Daz 4.6 has a Transfer Utility that only works with Genesis. Thanks!

  2. admin on 02.08.2015

    Simple answer, you can’t.

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