So, I’m onto lower class inns and dormitories right now as I need a few of those.

Today, I will almost break the rule I’ve had with The Neverending Tavern and now The Neverending Inn, nothing living on the tiles. OK, the rat I will have, it’s probably dead, but it is a living thing, almost.

So, first I found a great picture of a dead rat.

I used GraphicConverter to make a quick edit to free the dead rat from the background.

Now, I took a worn and ugly bunk bed I made a while ago, and placed a few of those into the room. I also added some cracks in the floor, some dirt and filth, to make it look, and almost smell, like a really dirty place. As usual, I assemble everything in OmniGraffle.

So, this is a piece of the not so nice dormitory of the cheapest inn for leagues around. I’ve done another thing also, a bed generator in FilterForge, the beds aren’t extremely great, but the will do for putting into dormitories, one star about this one.

And the generated beds in an environment where they belong.

As you can see, The Neverending Inn – tavern expansion is coming along pretty well. I guess what we will be doing tomorrow, I think make another bed, but I never know until I sit down and does it.


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