Today we will do something really awesome cool. Do you remember when we made some swamp bogs? Now, when I’ve decided I’ve need some natural water edges and not only stone paved docks for The Neverending Docks, I realized that I need water edges that can tile, for 1, 3 and 6 inches wide map pieces. I tried to make this manually, but failed hard, so them when I thought of a solution, I remembered goo old ImageSynth, so here is the How to using ImageSynth and OmniGraffle.

First, I already have a sample of pieces that have been used for making water edges before. Here is a quick look at what I have. I used both these edges and the ones used for the bog, but I will show the bog version in action.

And some rocky dirt pieces.

And some water pieces.

Now you know what pieces I have to deal with, lets start up ImageSynth. before we do anything, the output looks like this, empty. But before we start to output things, we need to add images to the image library/list.

Now, we place a few rocky dirt pieces, one on the edge, so that ImageSynth will wrap it nicely, and some more to build a good foundation.

After this, we add some water, at the bottom, same procedure, force a perfect wrap.

And not, the icing of the cake, the edges.

As you can see, we now have a perfect base item to work with. Now, we render it out as a png, and open that one up in OmniGraffle. We create an image with the size of one inch x one inch (and later we export ad 300 dpi).

Now we add one layer behind this one, and one in front of this one. We then add more pieces to it, staying away from the edges.

Here are two of the pieces I made, I did a total of five of each kind, but can make more if I need to.

They do look good, I am proud of my self today. Now, I used the first set for a tile, it looks like this. This is the tile where it all started, I didn’t get it to seamlessly tile with it self, now it does that perfectly.

And here is from another tile, canal tiles, where I will place a bridge I think.

So, I think this was one of the best things I’ve ever done, and a clever use of ImageSynth, even if I think it is designed to use that way.

Tomorrow, I will be starting out the task of making a wine press, or several even, as my dad took a picture of an old one in France and emailed it to me, inspired by the work I did with the crane.


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