So, I’m totally sold at making NPC handout at the moment, not really sure why I make some fantasy ones when I got a pulp adventure to finish, but I will make it anyway. I call it artistic freedom or something. I might use it, I have three DnD adventures waiting to be finished, so much to do, so little time.

We jump right into DAZ Studio 3 and start to create. This time we start out with Michael 3.

We add a head morph for a more Orch like face, check those ears.

Now, we add a body morph to him, see how ugly he gets.

Now, a green goblin goblin skin.

And a more aggressive pose.

Time to fix the face, what really matters, but it is so fun posing the rest of the body too, and it gives the right shadows when rendering too.

Added some reddish Orch eyes, turning his face more monsterous.

And here is the first render, not very good at all. That green color only look good in a distance. So I changed the texture to a human skin texture.

Now we’re talking, but I still think he looks to nice, too much Shrek and too little Uruk-Hai. So, I changed texture again, this time a vampire texture, looks good on anOrch too.

But, I wont stop here. This will be a dreadfully long post I think. I need a good NPC too, something of a Wizard or a Cleric. This time we start with Michael 4, and here is the PowerLoader screen when loading a module. All the mods you have installed are shown here.

Finally Michael 4 is loaded. The more you enable, the longer is the loading time, and I couldn’t decided what to do, and still haven’t figured out really which mod affect what so I took them all.

We start with adding Long Beard. Why did I start to sing “Hey mister Taliban you tally me bananas…”?

Adding some clothes, wizard or cleric style.

We need to fix that bare chest though, so a tunic would be good, and found one. I also turned the beard gray and added some hair.

Adjusting the tunic wasn’t easy, but I think I got the hang of it, looks more like a kilt now though.After changing the pose, it needed some tweaking.

So, now I got it, turned the head a little too.

Now I added a prop that is the inside of a temple or something similar. I put our old man inside. The screenshot is a little dark though, but you get the picture.

And here he is, a smiling, nice and gentle old NPC to help the helpless adventurers.

So, what do you think? Is this a good way of showing your players the NPCs they meet, to give them a little extra life?


  1. Limbo on 10.30.2010

    As I said before, its a brilliant tool for NPC presentation in my opinion. If I had the tech, the cash and the know-how (which Im starting to get from reading this rather smashing blog!) I would do tons of NPC to throw at my players.

    Keep up the good work, you are a real inspiration!

    PS: Any chance that a O:FR NPC picture will find its way here? DS

  2. admin on 10.30.2010

    There are a few O:FR NPC:s coming up.
    I’m gonna post a few more in the queue soon.
    There will be a few in Wicked Times:London Calling, and even more in Wicked Times: In Vino Veritas and the one following that one which is called In Vino Veritas II as I haven’t put a name to it yet.

    I’ve made a few really evil ones (found a great SS prop set at renderocity, really good.

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