Today we will continue working on that O:FR NPC we started on yesterday. I think this will be interesting.

As this person will be sitting in a hospital, wounded, what will be more perfect to have in the background on than wall that a clock? For the first time I can have some real use of Meyes wonderful clocks filter for FilterForge.

This is really good, but I’ve never had any use for it until now. So, now we need a wall to hang it on. So I render one using my own filter for FilterForge. Then I mount the images using OmniGraffle.

Now, blurring the background with a FilterForge filter, it will look like this.

Now, back into DAZ Studio 3, because I’m gonna play with a new toy there, the Layered Image Editor. As this NPC is wounded, he need wounds, and that is where LIE comes into play. This is the face texture of Michael 3 high res in the Layered Image Editor. This is the reason UV mapping a square image on a round model is born to fail. This is how it should look. There are programs that converts an image into this, either using Baking export or other ways. On my list of things I want is a really good Image wrapper UV-mapper, I will see what I can find and finance. Maybe put it on my own wish list for christmas. I know Both Modo and ZBrush are very good at it.

Now, I hunt the web for ugly pictures of wounds. How did you make adventures before Google? I found two.

Using GraphicConverter to cut away and smoothing the edges, I got these two wound pieces.

Now, back into LIE to see what we can do with this Here is the main wound placed in the forehead. It took some tries to get it right.

And here we have a wounded NPC, LIE was a great plugin for DAZ Studio 3. There is a LIE Wounds kit you can buy with a load of different wounds, if you feel for it.

And here he is, sitting in front of the wall with the clock.

And here after I’ve made it look like an old photo. I’m a little divided here if I should use old photos in the handout, or color ones. The old gives a better touch, but in contradiction to what many kids believe, man did see in colors even before the color photos and color television.

What do you say? Is it a good NPC picture?


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