Today we’re gonna make a little more difficult NPC picture. A wounded, depressed 23 years old woman, also in a hospital. This will be a challenge, but you know I like those.

We start Daz Studio 3 and add Victoria 4 and then a dress, alice in the wonderland style.

Then we add a hair with braids. Hair styles are one of the thing you always run out of, trust me.

We add a chair from the Veranda Café, and give this girl a pose from that, sitting. The Vernada Café was a freebee the other day.

We change her a little, and go into face morphs and make her sad, and young.

So, what will a depressed and sad girl like she do? She will of course smoke. This is the 1930s, and smoking was the thing. I start FilterForge and use another great filter by meye, Cigarette.

And here is a lit version

For the lit, I also render a bump map

Then I make a quick filter for the filter, if you know what I mean, and one texture for the tobacco.

Now I start Carrara 8 to make the Cigarette.

But found myself ending up in Cheetah3D for the UV mapping, mostly because I know that program better. Here is a mapped unlit cigarette.

I now import into Poser 2010, having Victoria 4 as a baseline. As I’ve said before, scales of objects between different programs is a little funny, just look at this picture.

But after some scaling and moving, I got it in place.

Now, I did the same thing with the lit cigarette.

So, tomorrow we’re gonna see if this will work.


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