Once again I’ve promised my dad to make a picture of one of his favorite characters, Besserwisser the Gnome Bard. So, here we go.

First a thought, what does a gnome look like? In my head they are short with big, and I mean big noses. I found this picture on the internet of a gnome.

I decided I make this one on Poser, and we start with Michael 4. Poser defaults to a grid preview as you can see.

As a gnome has somewhat similar body to a hobbit, I start by applying my hobbit body morph.

Now time to fiddle with the face. First, gnomes have large ears of elven character (or goblin of you want to be mean to them).

Sizing up the nose to some really gnomish proportions is difficult without ruining the rest of the face.

Here I’ve added a grey hair, fixed the face and added a pair of glasses.

Opps, if you are from Sweden, or happen to know about our Foreign Minister Mr. Carl Bildt, you would say that this is a look-alike wannabe.

OK, back to Besserwisser. Now set a skin with some grey beard and add some age morphs.

OK, I toss in a Micheal 4 just to see proportions, looking good.

Now we added some clothes, and as I’ve morphed Michael to a hobbit, they do not fit at all.

But after some fiddling, I got it to look allright.

Now, we just need some props…

A Rapier and a book (I didn’t have any crossbows as requested)

And here he is after I rearranged the props and changed the rapier to something that renders good inPoser. And this one turned out so well he is part of the Faces of Fantasy: Unforgettable Heroes.


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