Today, GrayTale’s Nook released the staffs I made made a while back, and with them a wonderful mini map.

Head over and take a look.

/ Totte

Today, we’re gonna act like plumbers and add some pipes to our radiator.

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Bogie linked to this one to the dundjinni forum, I thought it does apply to my family so I posted it here too.

See what you don’t wanna miss here!

It is now available for purchase at Creative Gremlins

Today, shelves, as we really need some shelves for the stores. We’re gonna use the same filter as yesterday, but some new and different texture images.

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So, I’m onto lower class inns and dormitories right now as I need a few of those.

Today, I will almost break the rule I’ve had with The Neverending Tavern and now The Neverending Inn, nothing living on the tiles. OK, the rat I will have, it’s probably dead, but it is a living thing, almost.

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I’ve just saw that was down. They did a DNS change today, so probably they’ve switched servers or something and until the DNS info have travelled the world, it will remain dead.



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I’ve posted a map in the competition, here.

// Totte



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If you have had problems accessing 4eyes today, it is because my ISP is having severe routing problems, mostly for traffic across the atlantic.

Hopefully they find the problem, but still no estimated to when it will be fixed.

Update: Is fixed now. Was a fiber somewhere, traffic now routed around that problem.

Like I said, the turn tracking markers are fabulous! It’s an easy way of keeping track of who’s turn it is at any given time of a combat encounter. Not only is it extremely easy, it’s also the first turn tracking method I tried that actually let the players in on what’s actually going on ahead of my telling them.

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