Finally, after we test played Cricket & Crocodiles this weekend, I’ve done a few minor changes. Cricket & Crocodiles is ready for prime time.

Cricket & Crocodiles



I’m back from an inspirational vacation in Edinburgh, Scotland, and I did find a few interesting book not available at home that could bring some inspiration to your Operation:Fallen Reich games.

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so I’ve finished the character record sheet (identification papers) for Operation: Fallen Reich. Thx to CB for the original images that I got some inspiration from.


I was chatting with a friend after I made those GM reference cards, and he suggested why not make a character sheet as a passport, so I did. It is not finished, but the basic layout is there, to be printed double sided or print one page, turn, refeed and cross your fingers.

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So, to make GMs work easier, I did put together a service record that each player fill out before the game, so GM doesn’t have to ask so many questions during the game, specially for rolls that the players roll for things they should not know about. I just say roll (and half of the time they just rolled a dummy roll).

I didn’t want them to know when they were missing something and be too obvious they needed to really try something again or something different.

Download the the Service Record as a PDF here.

So, I’ve added another company to the Operation: Fallen Reich companies, the Bombay Bicycle Club, that is first introduced 7.50 From Victoria, but this is a more complete description of the company.


// Totte


my first adventure for Operation: Fallen Reich is now released, 7.50 From Victoria

Happy gaming!