The adventure Oh my head in Holyhead for Operation: Fallen Reich is now released on RPGNow as a downloadable PDF.

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Happy New Year, and let’s celebrate it with a new, double adventure from Operation: Fallen Reich, Buried Secrets – Double Tap.

Check it out:

I’ve finally got to edit the last past, it’s here!

The first adventure in the new series Buried Secrets for O:FR.

Buried Secrets – Stiff Upper Lip


We’ve decided to publish yet another company for O:FR, to follow up the good old BBC (Bombay Bicycle Club).
Download the PDF: HBT-Company (1.2MB)


A new adventure for Operation: Fallen Reich is released by 4Eyes. Read more and download here.



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I made a morphable bloody hanky for DS 4.5+, here it is.

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The sixth installment of the Lurking Dangers series for Operation:Fallen Reich, An Eye For An Eye  is now released.


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I’ve just released two more adventures for Operation: Fallen Reich.

Lurking Dangers – Where Gorillas Roar

Lurking Dangers – Heart Of The Jungle


Enjoy them!

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We’ve just finished play testing two adventures in the Lurking Dangers series.
I had the opportunity and the privilege to have Mikael Reidal from Fallen Publishing at my gaming table today, and it was a blast (with both laughs, shotguns and Molotov cocktails).

So, here are the two new adventures, which are split into two because it was to big to be one and would not fit the format of the Lurking Dangers series.

Lurking Dangers – A Merry Christmas
Lurking Dangers – Art Of War


Have fun, and thanks to those who have donated and made these two adventures possible.




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a quick extra post with the new mascot of 4Eyes – Nurse Annie. She will show up early in the upcoming adventure Wicked Times:In Vino Veritas so this isn’t a spoiler at all, more like a teaser. I know that every male character desperately want to meet Nurse Annie. Also, I added a very nasty Germas SS officer that I haven’t any plans for right now, that do not have the same attraction as Annie. Enjoy!

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