So, the Apple iPad is out, and it’s like an iPhone but four times the screen estate. I did once try to create a DM manager application for the iPhone, but dropped it as the more I tried, the more using the app felt like the monkey making love to the giraffe, but he also wanted to kiss, a lot of moving back and forth all the time, due to the limitations in screen.

But, with this screen, I see multitudes of options to something that can track Initiative orders, monster damage, conditions, the ability to load PCs from Character Builder and Monsters via your DDI account.

Sweep a monster to kill it, place for a keypad to type in damage quickly, another multitouch operation to hold someones actions etc.

It looks like my dear friend Galastro will try to get a bunch of iPads for commercial development, and what is a better way to learn all the new things in 3.x. (I haven’t programmed for iPhone OS since I released A&AM Card Viewer like 18 months ago.)

So, this might be some fun i additions to all map making.


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