Today it will be something far away from adventure creating, it will be about the other side of the screen.We who cannot draw those gorgeous character portraits that we sometimes see other players have, we can use 3D, 3D models and 3D tools to make us our character portraits, the same way I make NPCs.

So, today I will  make the portrait of one of my chacacters, Dhûrm son of Ghârm, dwarven cleric of Avandra, keeper of promises and slayer of ugly things.

You do know that DAZ Studio 3 is free to download from

We start DAZ Studio 3, and add a base figure. Michael 4.

Now, a guy in the DAZ-community, Yokazobi, has made a morph that turns M4 into m4-Dwarf, works great.

So, we start to dress him in dwarven common clothes, plate armor.

And here is something important : Fit to…, when adding clothes, specially when you add clothes that sit on top of others, they should to to the item underneath, as it might bump more than the base figure and cause ugly bleed throughs.

Originally was two braids of beard, I was a little intimidated by that, but then I remembered that our nice DM let some baddies burn away have of Dhûrm’s beard, so nor it is just a normal beard.

I fiddle a little with the face to make it look more aged but still vital.

A dwarf should always have his axe and his drinking horn, so first the drinking horn.

Then the axe. I think I’ll need to scale this one down to dwarven size. I know they like big, but there is always a limit.

And giving him a coo action pose, ready to strike down his enemies.

This looks good, but I miss one thing, and that I will show tomorrow.


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